Nontraditional and Military Student Services


Nontraditional and Military Student Services (NTMSS) provides comprehensive assistance to:

  1. Students who are 23 and older pursuing their undergraduate degree;
  2. Military students including active duty, Reserve, National Guard, Veterans and dependent students;
  3. Students who are parents;
  4. Any other student who would identify as a nontraditional student due to life circumstances.

The NTMSS staff is familiar with the issues facing nontraditional and military students and is a resource as students plan and complete academic programs. Whether a nontraditional student is starting or restarting their education, or an active-military or Veteran student, we assist students in navigating the application process and easing the transition to BGSU. Advisors are available to assist students to discover and utilize campus resources and develop programs to best meet the needs of our students. 

Updated: 03/26/2021 04:08PM