Special Programs and Student Activities

Schmidthorst College of Business  

Education abroad
The Schmidthorst College of Business has an exchange program with AUDENCIA Nantes Ecole de Management in France where students from BGSU participate in summer, fall or spring programs. The summer program includes spending several days visiting European Union institutions in Brussels, Belgium.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a dual degree exchange program with Ecole de Management Strasbourg, France and culminating in the participating students from both Universities earning their BS in Business Administration from BGSU and BA in European Management from EMS Strasbourg. 

Also available to BGSU Schmidthorst College of Business students is a semester long study abroad program with Hong Kong Baptist University, Ecole de Management Strasbourg, France, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain, The University of the West of England, The University of Essex, England, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Deakin University, Australia, Artevelde Hogeschool, Belgium  and University of Macau, China. In each of these programs, BGSU students carry a full load of classes toward graduation while learning about local culture and businesses.

For additional information, contact Tim Chambers, Undergraduate Student Development, 114 Maurer Center (419-372-2747), or see www.bgsu.edu/business.html.

Internships and cooperative education
Opportunities for business administration students to gain practical experience in a work setting are provided through internships and cooperative education (see Cooperative education programs). Students in all programs are encouraged to participate, and may receive credit if taken in conjunction with an internship course. For further information, contact the Business Career Accelerator, 107 Maurer Center, 419-372-4081 or Undergraduate Student Development, 114 Maurer Center, 419-372-2747

Student organizations
College of Business students participate in a variety of college, department, program, and university student organizations. Approximately 20 student organizations in the college provide development, service, and social activities for business, economics, and other students. For more information, contact Undergraduate Student Development, 114 Maurer Center (419-372-2747), or department and program offices in the college or see www.bgsu.edu/business.html.

Updated: 03/26/2021 04:20PM