Business Requirements

Schmidthorst College of Business  

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business core
Each student is required to complete a common core of business courses. These courses are:

  • BA 1500, 2030, 3500, 3800, 4500; ECON 3020, 3030, 3040, 3110, or 3510; FIN 3000; LEGS 3010; MGMT 3000, 3600 and 4060; and MKT 2010.

Applied business courses
Unique to BGSU are the Applied Business Experience courses: BA 1500, BA 2030, BA 3500 and the Integrated Business Experience, BA 4500. This set of core courses emphasizes experiential learning, application, integration, and professional competency development.

Because BA 4500 is the capstone course for all students in the BSBA program, the following courses must be successfully completed before enrolling in BA 4500: MGMT 3000 and 3600; FIN 3000; MKT 2010; and BA 3500 and 3800. BSBA admission is an additional prerequisite for BA 4500. BA 4500 must be taken at BGSU. Transfer credit is not accepted by the Schmidthorst College of Business for BA 4500.

Areas of specialization
Fourteen areas of specialization are available in the BSBA program. Each student must complete the requirements for an area of specialization and should select a specialization in consultation with an academic advisor. A student may choose to complete more than one area of specialization. Undecided students should select one or more areas prior to the fourth year in the BSBA program.

The requirements for areas of specialization are those in effect at the time of the student's admission to the BSBA program. Specific requirements are available in Undergraduate Student Development or in department or program offices.

Updated: 03/26/2021 04:27PM