BS in Economics Degree Overview

Schmidthorst College of Business  

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Degree overview

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Economics degree includes University, general degree, and major requirements.

Completion of the BS in Economics program

A candidate for the degree must complete the general requirements for graduation listed under Academic Policies and must meet or exceed all of the following:

  • University, general BS in Economics degree, and electives requirements;
  • Major requirements, including core courses and a cognate area.
  • Complete with a letter grade all courses that satisfy the mathematics and statistics requirements, all ECON courses counted toward the degree, and all courses in the cognate area.

Detailed information regarding the BS in Economics degree may be obtained in the following pages and from the Department of Economics (240 Maurer Center, 419-372-2646) or Undergraduate Student Development (114 Maurer Center, 419-372-2747).

Updated: 03/26/2021 04:27PM