Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

BGSU Firelands

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) offers academic support to students through tutorial, developmental, and supplemental activities. The TLC staff serve as facilitators in empowering students to achieve their educational objectives.

The TLC is staffed by professional educators with training in reading, English, writing, math, and science. Together with peer tutors, they provide individual tutoring by appointment or group tutoring in most subjects. Special needs tutoring and academic counseling in cooperation with student services is also provided.

Educational supplements include PC computers with application software, course-supported CDs, DVDs, software and videos, laser printer, VCR, and audio-cassette recorder.

Another function of the TLC is to provide support to faculty by offering services consistent with an alternative testing center for students, classroom test proctoring, and project dissemination.

Updated: 03/26/2021 04:20PM