University and General Degree Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences

In addition to specific requirements listed on the following pages, a candidate for any degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the degree requirements listed below, preferably in the freshman and sophomore years;
  • Satisfy the requirements for a major and minor area of specialization (if applicable). Note: Courses taken for a major do not count toward a minor. Major and minor courses may not be taken “S/U." Planned minors may not include any courses from a program in which the student has a major;
  • Complete the BG Perspective program requirements. These include courses in English, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, humanities and arts, international perspectives, quantitative literacy, and cultural diversity in the United States. Students wishing to apply BG Perspective program courses to college degree requirements should consult the College of Arts and Sciences Handbook for a list of appropriate courses which could be used to fulfill both sets of requirements. See also the college foreign language statement in this catalog under specific degree being sought;
  • Students anticipating graduation must complete a junior audit four semesters (60 hours) prior to graduating to ensure that all requirements can be met for the degree. Junior audit checksheets are available in the college office. Failure to complete a junior audit may jeopardize timely graduation. Seniors transferring into the college must have a junior audit completed prior to the semester of expected graduation. At least 30 credit hours must be BGSU courses. Seniors transferring to the College of Arts and Sciences from another college within the University during their last expected semester must have an audit completed in the college office within the first week of that semester. The student is responsible for understanding requirements for the degree. See also application for graduation deadlines.

Updated: 04/02/2020 10:48AM