Preparation for Engineering

College of Arts and Sciences

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The two-year curriculum outlined below closely parallels the introductory coursework of engineering schools and is designed for the student who expects to transfer to a college of engineering at the end of two years. Students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree at BGSU may consider Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics in preparation for a graduate degree. Because the requirements in engineering colleges and in different fields of engineering vary considerably, the student should consult with the pre-engineering program advisor early in the first year in order to plan a schedule to meet the requirements of the institution and branch of engineering in which he or she expects to receive a degree.

Engineering is presently a high-opportunity career area, and a pre-engineering program at Bowling Green offers several advantages, especially for those students who are uncertain about an engineering specialty. However, students should be advised that all engineering specialties require a high aptitude for mathematics and quantitative reasoning. In order to complete the curriculum below in two years, a student must be qualified to enroll in MATH 1310 during the fall semester of the first year; this normally requires four years of high school mathematics and good mathematics aptitude.

Recommended Two Year Sequence:

  • English Composition
  • Calculus I, II, III and Elementary Linear Algebra
  • Physics (one year of Calculus based curriculum with labs)
  • Chemistry (one semester of general college chemistry with lab)
  • Design and Engineering Graphics (one semester)
  • Statics and Strength of Materials (one semester)
  • Computing (introductory programming course)
  • Economics (one semester of overview economics)
  • Communication (one semester)

Electives will be required to complete a full schedule of classes each semester.

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