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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in English are expected to:

  • Use writing effectively—including current modes and evolving techniques and technologies—to explore subject matter and to communicate;
  • Develop understanding of subject matter in relation to larger historical and/or cultural contexts, including multicultural contexts;
  • Make connections between theory and practice. Students apply theory to understand texts, solve problems, and teach effectively, and/or students generalize from experiences with texts, communication situations and teaching situations;
  • Develop skills of creative and/or critical thinking.

Major, Bachelor of Arts (40 hours beyond WRIT 1120) - minor required - Spring 2020 course requirements

Special studies option
English majors with specific career goals such as commercial or technical writing, legal studies, or linguistics may, with the approval of their Faculty Mentor, substitute two relevant non-literature ENG courses for electives. However, all required courses (ENG 2010; 3020; either 3100, 3110, or 3140; and a 4-credit 4000-level English course for Thesis Credit) must be taken.

Minor (21 hours)

  • ENG 2010 (3)
  • ENG 3020 (3)
  • ENG 3100, 3110 or 3140 (3)
  • 12 additional hours of English literature coursework, including at least 3 hours at the 4000 level (12)

Other programs
The College of Arts and Sciences also offers the bachelor of fine arts degree with a major in creative writing. Programs in Integrated Language Arts also are offered by the College of Education and Human Development.

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