Design for Social Impact

The Design for Social Impact minor is a cross-disciplinary structure of 18 credit hours to teach the understanding of design theory, research and practice for implementing social change. Along with graphic design courses focused on design thinking, collaboration, methods, and making; the minor will direct students towards addressing the social challenges of climate change, human rights, health and healthcare, public policy, and social enterprise. The minor intends to empower students as a catalytic role in communities through projects focused on cultivating empathetic and positive social impact solutions from ideation to implementation.

Minor (18 hours)*

Required Art/Design Courses (4 courses)

ARTD 2010 Graphic Design Thinking (3)
ARTH 4010 Histories of Design for Social Impact (3)
ARTD 4010 Graphic Design History & Integrative Models (3) Spring Only
ARTD 4060 Collaboration & Community Engagement Practicum (3)

Engagement Courses (choose 2 courses)**

CCS 3030 Intersections of Race, Gender, and Culture
CCS 3710 Gender, Race & Culture in Community-Based Practice
CRJU 2100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECON 2000 Introduction to Economics
ECON 2020 Principles in Microeconomics
ENVS 1010 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS 3010 Environmental Problems
ENVS 4020 Environmental Impact Statements
ETHN 1010 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHN 2010 Ethnicity and Social Movements
ETHN 3030 Race, Representation, and Culture
ESHP 2040 Entrepreneurship: The Introduction
ESHP 3040 Entrepreneurship - The Idea
FN 2070 Introduction to Human Nutrition
FN 2120 Food: Preparation, Availability, and Resources
FN 3260 Food and Culture
GERO 1010 Aging, the Individual and Society
GERO 3010 Diversity in the Experience of Aging
GERO 3250 Applied Social Gerontology
HP 2150 Health & Wellness
HP 2160 Introduction to Community and Worksite Health Promotion
PACS 2000 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
PHIL 2240 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
PHIL 2320 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2450 Philosophy of Feminism
POLS 3020 American Domestic Public Policy
POLS 3360 Environmental Politics and Policies
POLS 3410 Public Opinion
PSYC 3070 Human Sexuality
PUBH 2100 Introduction to Community Health
PUBH 3010 International Health
PUBH 3200 Introduction to Public Health
PUBH 4250 Policies in Health Care
SOC 2020 Social Problems
SOC 2310 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 2690 Introduction to Statistics
WS 2000 Introduction to Women's Studies: Perceptions on Gender, Class & Ethnicity

* Students must achieve a grade of C or better in all courses taken for the minor.
** Alternate courses may be submitted for consideration

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