Admission to BGSU Firelands

BGSU Firelands

Office of Admissions
BGSU Firelands
103 Foundation Hall, One University Drive, Huron, OH 44839
419-372-0607 or 800-322-4787 ext 20607

For admission to BGSU Firelands a freshman applicant must:

  • Be a graduate of a senior high school approved or accredited by the department of education of the state in which it is located; or
  • If the student completed secondary education through an alternative program such as home schooling, present ACT or SAT test results showing at least a 21 ACT or 1000 SAT; or
  • Have earned high school equivalency through the General Educational Development (GED) testing program (issued by the state department of education); or
  • Present an International Baccalaureate diploma or certificate.

Although the largest number of new students enters in August, it is possible to enter in the spring semester or the summer term. All admission credentials should be received by the Office of Admissions 14 days before the semester or the summer session to allow sufficient time for processing, notification, academic advising, and registration for classes. High School students are encouraged to apply for admission beginning April 15th of their junior year.

Application materials for BGSU Firelands are available online at or by contacting the Office of Admissions, BGSU Firelands, Huron, OH 44839. To be considered for admission, applicants are required to submit the application for undergraduate admission, a $40 non refundable application fee, and official transcripts. All transcripts, test results, and other academic credentials must be mailed from the school or agency to the Office of Admissions to be accepted as official. Personal copies of official transcripts will be evaluated for acceptability. If deemed unacceptable, students must provide official copies sent directly from the school.

All admission credentials submitted to the Office of Admissions become the property of Bowling Green State University and cannot be returned. Any misrepresentation of credentials will be cause for refusal or cancellation of admission or expulsion from the University if discovered subsequently.

Applicants who have already graduated from high school may send their completed application and application fee directly to the Office of Admissions. An official final high school transcript should be sent from the high school to the Office of Admissions.

Applicants who have earned high school equivalency through the General Education Development (GED) testing program should send their completed applications and application fee directly to the Office of Admissions. Both an official copy of the GED results and an official high school transcript of all work completed must be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Applicants may fulfill the requirements for admission by presenting an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Certificate. Grades of four through seven in higher-level subjects may be considered for individual course credit. Students with questions about the IB should contact the Office of Admissions.

All applicants who have been charged with, pled guilty to or convicted of one or more felonies are required to submit copies of police reports, including narratives and the final judgment entries for each offense to the Office of Admissions. These documents are reviewed, and if an offense is of a violent nature, that information is forwarded and reviewed by a committee of the BG campus to determine if the applicant is eligible to take classes on the BGSU Firelands campus.

All non-native speakers of English are required to take the TOEFL test, or if unavailable, the MIchigan Test. This is required of international students issued immigrant visas, those transferring from another American college or university, those (with English as a foreign language) coming from U.S. territories (such as Puerto Rico), and those granted U.S. citizenship within recent years.

For residency requirements for Ohio residents and nonresidents, refer to residency regulations under Office of Registration and Records.

Updated: 04/02/2020 10:55AM