Associate Degree Programs

BGSU Firelands offers courses leading to 19 associate degrees, representing 23 areas of study. The associate of arts and associate of science programs are designed to fulfill the first two years of study for baccalaureate degrees. Completion of either degree, along with completion of BGSU's transfer module, will facilitate articulation with baccalaureate programs at any public university in the state of Ohio. The A.A. and A.S. programs may also serve as terminal programs for students who do not plan to complete a four-year degree. The associate of applied business, associate of applied science, and associate of technical study degrees are intended to prepare students for employment upon graduation. Although termed career education, they are also articulated with similarly oriented four-year programs, thus permitting students to continue toward baccalaureate degrees in related disciplines.

General requirements for associate degrees
A candidate for an associate degree must complete the requirements listed below and any additional requirements set by the college offering this degree.

  • Satisfy all University entrance requirements.
  • Earn a minimum of 62 semester hours (some degrees require more than 62 hours of credit). At least 15 credit hours must be BGSU courses. There are no exceptions to either the "62 total hour" rule or to the "15 hours BGSU courses" rule. In addition, to ensure that the program of study is complete, coherent, and satisfies BGSU standards, specific courses that are integral to the degree, as identified in the check sheet for the major, must be taken at BGSU (e.g., capstone courses or similar culminating experience).
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 ("C" average) for all coursework attempted.
  • Complete the first-year English composition sequence, preferably in the first year.
  • Complete all course requirements for a degree program as described in the BGSU Firelands section.
  • Submit an application for graduation through the MyBGSU web portal.
    • For graduation in December, an application must be filed by the end of the second week of the fall semester.
    • For May graduation, the deadline for filing an application is the end of the second week of the spring semester.
    • For graduation in August, the filing date deadline is the end of the first week of the summer semester.

A student who does not fulfill all requirements toward a degree within four weeks after commencement must reapply for graduation at the next commencement.

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