College Administration

College of Education and Human Development

444 Education Building, 419-372-7401

Office of the Dean (444 Education Building, 419-372-7401)
Brad Colwell, J.D., Ph.D., Dean
Julia Matuga, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Assessment, Research & Technology
John Fischer, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Administration
Mary Murray, Ed.D., Associate Dean for Student & Academic Affairs

Office of Student and Academic Services (102 Education Building, 419-372-7372)
Matt Webb, Director

Accreditation and Licensure (542 Education Building, 419-372-2697)
John Christian Sorg, Ed.D., Interim Director

EDHD Technology and Resource Center (215 Education Building, 419-372-7392)
Mitch Miller, Director

School of Family & Consumer Sciences
Deborah Wooldridge, Ph.D., Director
217 Johnston Hall, 419-372-2505
School of Human Movement, Sport, & Leisure Studies
Phillip Xie, Ph.D., Director
117 Eppler Center, 419-372-7372
School of Counseling and Special Education
Deborah Wooldridge, Ph.D., Director
451 Education Building, 419-372-7259
School of Leadership & Policy Studies
Margaret Booth, Ph.D., Director
550 Education Building, 419-372-7350
School of Teaching & Learning
Dawn Shinew, Ph.D., Director
529 Education Building, 419-372-7320
Department of Higher Education & Student Affairs
Maureen Wilson, Ph.D., Chair

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