Popular Culture

College of Arts and Sciences

228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796

A student majoring in Popular Culture studies the forms of creative expression we use in everyday life. Courses focus on the impact various aspects of popular culture (such as television, movies, rock music, popular books and magazines, sports, holidays, festivals, and folklore) have on our culture and how they reflect the values of our society. While studies of contemporary culture are an important part of the program, historical material is emphasized as well. (See also Folklore.)

Major, Bachelor of Arts (33 hours) - minor required - Spring 2019 course requirements

Minor (21 hours)
Required courses:

  • POPC 1600 or 1650
  • POPC 1700
  • 12 credits hours of 3000-level or 4000-level POPC courses totaling 12 credit hours
  • 3 additional credit hours of POPC courses (this could include either POPC 1600 or POPC 1650)

Updated: 04/01/2019 03:35PM