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Major, Bachelor of Arts (21 hours at 3000-level and 4000-level, 27 total hours) - minor required - Spring 2019 course requirements

GERM 2000, GERM 2020 (6)
GERM 3110 or GERM 3130 (3)
GERM 2150, 2160, or 4160 (3)
GERM 3170-3180 (6)
One of: GERM 3310, 4170, 4310, 4320 (3)
Two electives, with one at 4000 level (6)

Minor (18)

The minor in German is available to any non-German major. This minor allows students to take a variety of German courses that are suitable for the student's career or graduate study goals. Students may choose from a variety of language, culture, translation, literature and film courses offered at the BGSU campus of through BGSU's Academic Semester/Year or Summer Programs in Salzburg, Austria.

  • GERM 2020 (3)
  • GERM 3170
  • German electives (12) - any courses in GERM from 2020 through the 4000-level, with at least one course at the 4000-level, except GERM 3000.

Other programs
Programs in German are also offered by the College of Education and Human Development.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in German are expected to be able to:

  • Attain language proficiency levels congruent with national professional standards published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages;
  • Demonstrate understanding of the aesthetic qualities and socio-historical contexts of a set of representative texts from German culture;
  • Be able to employ different interpretive approaches;
  • Know the cultural history and social realities of at least one target culture society, most likely Austrian or German.

Accreditation and/or Program/Cluster Review
Bowling Green State University [BGSU] is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  BGSU has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 01/01/1916. The most recent reaffirmation of accreditation was received in 2012 - 2013. Questions should be directed to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

The German program went through Program/Cluster Review during the Academic Year 2016-17.

Professional Licensure (If applicable)
Bowling Green State University programs leading to licensure, certification and/or endorsement, whether delivered online, face-to-face or in a blended format, satisfy the academic requirements for those credentials set forth by the State of Ohio.

Requirements for licensure, certification and/or endorsement eligibility vary greatly from one profession to another and from state to state. The German program does not lead to professional licensure.

Gainful Employment (If applicable)
Under the Higher Education Act Title IV disclosure requirements, an institution must provide current and prospective students with information about each of its programs that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

The German program is not a recognized occupation that requires a Gainful Employment disclosure.

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