Withdrawal from University

If a student leaves the University without proper notice and permission, a mark of "F" is recorded in all courses for which the student is currently enrolled. Such a student is not entitled to any refund of fees.

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University in good standing must obtain the permission of the dean (or dean's designee) of the college in which the student is enrolled. A partial refund of fees may be possible; see Office of the Bursar. The following rules apply to these situations:

  • A student who withdraws with permission from the University will have all courses from the semester withdrawn; the withdrawals will be recorded on the academic record as a grade of “W” with a date of withdrawal.
  • Courses in which a grade of "D", "F," or "WF" has been or will be assigned due to violations of the Academic Honesty policy may not be withdrawn or dropped under any circumstance; such grades will remain as part of the official record.
  • Withdrawal from the university is only permitted before the last 5 days of the 15-week regular fall or spring sessions, or before the last two days of any summer session or other non-15 week sessions within fall or spring semesters.
  • A student who withdraws after the designated dates in a semester (i.e., during the last five weeks of a 15-week session; or during prorated periods for classes of shorter duration) may not return until at least one intervening semester (fall, spring, or summer) has passed, except by special permission of the dean of the college in which s/he is enrolled. Short-duration courses follow the readmission pattern of the general semester in which they are taught.
  • Retroactive withdrawal (that is, a withdrawal granted after the permitted designated dates) may be granted in extraordinary circumstances, if the student is unable to complete classes or contact the university to initiate a withdrawal. A student who suffers a hardship should carefully consider whether withdrawing from the university is an appropriate option as detailed in this policy. Students who complete the semester after suffering a hardship will not be granted a retroactive withdrawal. Furthermore, students will not be considered for a retroactive withdrawal if they have received a grade of Incomplete for the appealed semester as part of an agreement with the faculty member to complete the required work, as such an agreement is an appropriate means for providing flexibility in case of hardship. Retroactive withdrawal must be requested within three years from last day of classes for the semester for which a withdrawal is requested.
  • Students seeking a retroactive withdrawal must do so in writing to the college in which the student was enrolled during the semester being appealed. The college dean or dean's designee will be responsible for beginning the review process within approximately one month. Efforts will be made to provide equitable and consistent judgments across all colleges. The dean or dean's designee has the sole authority in the decision to grant the retroactive withdrawal.

Most withdrawals from the University are initiated by the student. However, when, in the judgment of the medical staff of the Student Health Service, the physical or mental condition of a student might be a danger to the health or welfare of that student or others on the campus, the University may require the withdrawal of the student from the University. Grades assigned through the Academic Honesty policy may not be withdrawn or dropped under any circumstance.

Updated: 04/01/2019 03:35PM