Military Science Minor

Department of Military Science and Leadership

151 Memorial Hall, 419-372-2476

The Military Science minor is available only to students contracted as cadets pursuing a commission as an Army Officer through the Army ROTC program.

Minor (21 hours) - Fall 2014 course requirements

  • All students must complete at least 15 credit hours toward their minor that are not counted in the student's major, specialization, or in another minor.
  • Grade of "B" or better in each of the required courses (15 credits) for the minor.
  • Required courses: MSL 3010, MSL 3020, MSL 4010, MSL 4020, MSL 4700.
  • All course prerequisites must be met.
  • All cadets must successfully complete the Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC).

All cadets seeking a minor in Military Science must attain a minimum of six credit hours from the list of authorized electives.

Updated: 03/23/2018 03:22PM