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The Insurance Specialization is designed for business students to prepare them to be an insurance specialist, with the academic and professional levels of education needed to advise on insurance and manage insurance company and agent operations. The program is one of only a few programs in the state of Ohio specifically focused on insurance.

BSBA general degree requirements

Students completing the insurance specialization must complete University, general degree, admission core, and business core requirements for the BSBA degree, including admission to the BSBA program.

Insurance specialization (22 hours) - Spring 2018 course requirements

  1. Required: 5 courses (13 credits)

          INS 2100 (1 credit)        Introduction to Insurance and Insurance Careers
          INS 3200 (3 credits)     Insurance Company and Agency Operations
          INS 3220 (3 credits)     Life and Health Insurance
          INS 3230 (3 credits)     Property and Liability Insurance
          INS 3250 (3 credits)     Insurance Law

      2.  Electives: choose three courses (9 credits) with at least two FIN courses from the following:

           FIN 4130 (3 credits)       Personal Financial Planning
           FIN 4140 (3 credits)       Retirement and Employee Benefits Planning
           FIN 4210 (3 credits)       Risk Management and Insurance Planning
           FIN 4350 (3 credits)       Investment Analysis
           MKT 4050 (3 credits)     Services Marketing
           MKT 4400 (3 credits)     Professional Selling


  • INS 2100 can be taken in sophomore year.
  • All courses in the Insurance Specialization must be taken for a letter grade.
  • A grade of C or better in FIN 3000 is required to take any 3000- or 4000-level FIN courses and INS 3220 and 3230.
  • Substitute courses must be approved by the Department.   

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