BSBA Admission requirements

College of Business  

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

BSBA admission decisions will be made three times each year. All pre-business students with 45 credit hours toward the degree are reviewed for admission. BGSU students planning on transferring to the BSBA program must apply for College entrance and pre-business status within 45 credit hours toward the degree or, in the case that 45 or more credit hours are transferred from another institution, upon completion of 12 BGSU credit hours toward the degree. The requirements for admission to the BSBA degree are:

  • Minimum 12 BGSU credit hours that count toward the BSBA degree, and
  • Minimum 2.5 BGSU cumulative GPA, and
  • Letter grade of C or better in calculus (MATH 1260 or 1310, BA 1600, or both MATH 1340 and MATH 1350), and
  • Completion of four or more of the following courses with at least a C within 45 credit hours: ACCT 2210; ACCT 2220; ECON 2020; ECON 2030; BA 2110 and BA 2120, or STAT 2200 (counts as two courses); BA 2030; IS 2000.

Students who do not achieve BSBA admission in the admission review are placed on conditional standing for one semester or 15 credit hours to satisfy BSBA admission requirements. Pre-business students on conditional standing may take 3000-level business courses, subject to completion of prerequisites, but may not take 4000-level business courses. Students who do not achieve BSBA admission after the conditional semester will not be permitted to take 3000- or 4000-level business courses and must pursue other degree programs offered at BGSU or another institution.

Students who do not successfully gain admission to the BSBA program will not be able to complete the BSBA degree or any of its specializations.

Updated: 03/23/2018 03:22PM