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Students interested in gaining knowledge of and credentials in sustainability may benefit from completing this minor. Our learning objectives for this minor are for graduates to:

  • be able to evaluate the long-term resource implications of current and proposed societal practices.
  • be able to incorporate the principles of sustainability into their primary field of study.
  • be able to use knowledge about the ethical issues related to resource use and consumption, and different culture values related to resources, in future personal decision making.

Minor Only Required Courses (Select 7 out of the following 8 courses, 21 hours of course work):

  • BA 1500 Introduction to Business
  • BA 2040 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • CONS 2350 Introduction to Construction
  • ENVS 1010 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ENVS 4200 Environmental Planning
  • FCS 4070 Green Sustainable and Universal Design for the Built Environment
  • ID 3650 Lighting Design for Interior Environments
  • CONS 4000 LEED and Lean

Courses that may be taken if required courses are being used to fulfill requirements for a major:

  • ECT 2050 Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability
  • ENVS 3030 Energy and Sustainability
  • ENVS 3100 Environmental Field or Laboratory Methods, or ENVH 3090 Environmental Assessment Methods
Other programs

A B.A. in Environmental Policy and Analysis is offered that emphasizes interdisciplinary study of the environment from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities.

A B.S. in Environmental Health is offered that emphasizes the relationship between environmental quality and human wellbeing.

A B.S. in Environmental Science is offered that emphasizes interdisciplinary study of the environment through the natural sciences.

Students should contact the Department of the Environment and Sustainability, 419-372-8207, for help in selecting the program that most closely meets their career goals.


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