College of Arts and Sciences

The Department of Popular Culture studies the forms of creative expression we use in everyday life. Courses in folklore focus on the study of folklore genres, such as folktales and legends, rituals and festivals, or material culture, as well as on the folklore of a region or occupation, or the folklore surrounding a topic or issue (such as folklore of death) (See also Popular Culture.)

Minor only (20 hours)

  • POPC 2200 (3)
  • POPC 3200 (3)
  • POPC 3210 (3)
  • POPC 3250* (3)
  • POPC 4240* (3)
  • POPC 4850 (2)
  • POPC 3250 or POPC 4240* (3)

* POPC 3250 and POPC 4240 can be repeated if the topic is different, but the same topic (the same 3 credit hours) cannot be counted in more than one category within the minor. Courses other than those specified above may be substituted with the approval of the Popular Culture Undergraduate Advisor.


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