Information Systems Auditing and Control

College of Business Administration

BSBA areas of specialization

Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems
332 Business Administration Building, 419-372-2767

The BSBA specialization in information systems auditing and control (ISAC) is designed for students who seek an integrated curriculum of accounting, computer science, and management information systems. Courses in programming languages, database, data communications, accounting information systems, auditing, systems analysis, and design provide ISAC graduates with knowledge required to assess adequacy of the system of internal controls for sophisticated computer-based systems.

While the program is designed to prepare students to become information systems auditing professionals, many students who seek a career in management information systems select ISAC as a second specialization. The ISAC specialization provides the student with additional training in financial accounting, accounting information systems, and design and analysis of internal control systems.

Career opportunities include areas of computer assurance services, information systems auditing, computer security, or management information systems. Other graduates are hired by public accounting and/or consulting firms in computer security assessment and consulting practices or as part of assurance services teams.

BSBA general degree requirements
Students completing the information systems, auditing and control specialization must complete University, general degree, admission core, and business core requirements for the BSBA degree, including admission to the BSBA program.

Information Systems Auditing and Control specialization (27 hours) - Spring 2017 course requirements

  • A grade of "C" or better must be earned in each course taken for the area of specialization.
  • CS 2010
  • ACCT 3210, 4510, 4560, 4600
  • MIS 4210, 4220, 4400, 4710

While certification as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) requires work experience, graduates from this program are expected to be well qualified to take the CISA examination. Information about the CISA certification program can be obtained from the department.