Preparation for Medicine (M.D. and D.O. Degrees)

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Admission to medical school whether allopathic (M.D. granting) or osteopathic (D.O. granting) is selective and dependent upon scholarship and aptitude as indicated by the scores attained on the Medical College Admission Test (normally taken during the spring semester of the student's third year) and by other criteria. The student should include in the pre-medical program a course of study to prepare for admission to medical school and for admission to an appropriate graduate school or for an industrial, government, or teaching position in case the first choice cannot be realized. To meet the requirements for admission to most medical schools, the bachelor of science curriculum can be modified to include the required courses and still provide the student with enough depth in at least one area for graduate work or for career opportunities if medical school is not attended. There is no preferred major for entrance into medical school. Generally, biology, chemistry, or biochemistry is chosen by the pre-medical student, but other majors are possible as well.

The following are recommended by most medical schools:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (full year)
  • Biochemistry with lab (one semester)
  • General biology (full year)
  • General chemistry with labs (full year)
  • Organic chemistry with labs (full year)
  • Physics (full year)
  • Calculus is often required

The pre-medical student is urged to confer frequently with the advisor, particularly with respect to planning prerequisite courses for the Medical College Admission Test and for meeting the admission requirements of the preferred medical school. Note: Medical school prerequisite courses vary and the student is responsible for checking admission requirements for the schools of their choice.

In addition to completing the group requirements for the degree audit, a student should plan to take the required courses to complete a major and a minor.

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