Photography Minor

The photography minor will focus on the medium as it applies to disciplines and other applications outside the BFA degree requirements. The minor is intended for students seeking significant experience with fine-art photography that they can connect to their major field of study. The photography minor consists of 15 credit hours of coursework in traditional processes such as large format film cameras, as well as digital and alternative processes. Students will consider photography as a tool for personal expression and community engagement.

Minor (15 hours)

Photography courses

  • ARTS 2410 Introduction to the Language of Photography
  • ARTS 3420 Large Format (fall only)
  • ARTS 3430 Contemporary Concepts in Photography: Color

Photography Minor Electives (two courses)

  • ARTC 2210 Digital Imaging
  • ARTS 3410 Community Projects in Photography (spring only)
  • ARTH 3650 Histories of Photography
  • ARTS 4440 Advanced Contemporary Concepts in Photography (Pre-Req is ARTS 3420)