Visual Communication Technology

College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering

260 Technology Building, 419-372-2437

The Visual Communication Technology major prepares students in the processes used to transmit ideas and concepts through visual technology media. The major offers theory and practice in the computer applications of cross media, including interactive media, print, video, and photography. With the help of a faculty advisor, each student selects an area for specialization from numerous career opportunities. The program proceeds through a framework of analyzing and applying the many methods of creating, reproducing, and distributing visual communication materials. Students ultimately combine concepts, theories, and principles with critical and creative technical problem-solving abilities to generate solutions for visual communication problems.

By developing the ability to solve visual communication technology problems, students will be prepared for such technological production and management positions as graphic coordinator, digital media specialist, video producer or editor, interactive media producer, print/video/photo sales representative, or printing/publishing plant manager. Supervised cooperative work experience provides students with “real world” experience in their area of interest.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in the visual communication technology major are expected to:

  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills as they relate to solving visual technology problems;
  • Conceptualize and implement a visual technology solution in several media modes;
  • Demonstrate operational level skill ability in each of the visual media areas of VCT;
  • Research and produce an organized written rationale for using a specific medium to solve a specific visual technology problem;
  • Apply knowledge of industrial applications to visual communication related technologies.

Fall 2022 course requirements

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