Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering program. Unlike traditional engineering programs, this program take a holistic approach toward designing and improving complex systems, such as those found within manufacturing, logistics, retail services, and healthcare. To optimally prepare students for professionals in this field, this program emphasizes engineering design, systems integration, modeling, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Careers in this field are in demand and highly compensated.

Program Educational Objectives

Within five years after graduation, the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering program at Bowling Green State University will have demonstrated their ability to:

  • PEO 1: Successfully practice systems engineering in a private or public sectors by solving real-world challenges;
  • PEO 2: Collaborate with others as leaders or members of multi-disciplinary teams to create a culture of engagement, strong ethics, and diversity within the organizations;
  • PEO 3: Pursue life-long learning successive advancement within their industries and/or graduate level education.¬†

Fall 2022 course requirements

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