Academic Objectives

College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering


Consistent with the vision of Bowling Green State University, the College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering aspires to become the premier technology institution in the Midwest. Our mission, therefore, is to develop technical and design professionals for leadership roles. These leaders are adept at the application of technology, responsive to change, innovative in problem solving, and skillful in the communication of concepts and ideas. Coursework in all majors focuses on real world experience, business administration, the liberal arts, acquisition of effective communication skills, and a strong technical core.

Since its beginning, the College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering has provided students with the competence to be adaptable and flexible—successful traits for future careers. These students are secure with a core of broad knowledge of technology and are able to translate that education in a rapidly changing profession. In today’s age of sophisticated technology and specialization, College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering graduates serve as technical managers, researchers, and practitioners in business, industry, government, and education.

In order to achieve its mission, the College provides a scholarly community where

  • Students experience academic and social success;
  • Graduates add value to their profession;
  • Faculty are exemplary teachers and researchers, are professionally active, and keep current with the latest innovations in their field.

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