Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor

College of Health and Human Services

200 Health Center, 419-372-2515

Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders
18 hours required

To be eligible to declare a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, students must complete the same pre-requisite requirements as for the major:

  • Complete CDIS 1230 and 2250 with a 2.5 in those courses and a 2.5 overall
  • Submit an application with the department

Note that this minor is not intended to duplicate the major; completion of the minor would not guarantee a student sufficient qualifications to apply to graduate school in speech-language pathology. However many of the courses would be helpful to an application, and could be supplemented with post-baccalaureate coursework if students choose to pursue that path. Note that many programs in audiology do not require an undergraduate degree; this minor could be of benefit to students in other majors who seek admission to programs in audiology.

(3)    CDIS 1230 - Introduction to Communication Disorders
(3)    CDIS 2250 - Speech & Language Acquisition and Development
(3)    CDIS 2240 - Phonetics
(3)    CDIS 3610 - Introduction to Audiology

Choose two of the following:
(3)    CDIS 3010 - Anatomy and Physiology for Speech & Hearing
(3)    CDIS 3020 - Acoustics for Speech & Hearing
(3)    CDIS 3110 - Phonological Assessment & Intervention
(3)    CDIS 3510 - Language Assessment and Intervention

Updated: 03/07/2023 11:32AM