Methods and Student Teaching/Internship Information

College of Education and Human Development

For program-specific requirements, refer to the official program checksheet available in the Student and Academic Services office (365 Education Building). All teacher preparation students must meet their program’s eligibility requirements, as listed on the checksheet, prior to being placed for the methods field experience and subsequent student teaching/internship. Consult the Student Teaching/Internship website for additional policies and information.


Students must be fully admitted to the College of Education and Human Development and accepted into their programs, have successfully completed all prerequisite courses, met any minimum grade requirements, have completed 90 hours of university coursework, and earned the minimum BGSU cumulative GPA and major GPA required for their program by the end of the semester prior to methods and/or student teaching/internship. Students who are declared ineligible for student teaching/internship have the right to appeal to the academic program coordinator.


Students apply for methods and/or student teaching/internship placements at sign-up meetings held the semester prior to the term they will be completing the experience. Separate meetings are held for each program during the first weeks of the term, and it is the student’s responsibility to attend this important and required meeting.


The Office of Research and Field Experiences obtains all student teaching/internship placements. Students may not arrange their own placements. Students will not be placed in a school where a family member or relative is professionally employed, where the student attended, or from which they graduated. Although student preferences are taken into consideration, they often cannot be guaranteed. Students are placed in approximately a 50-mile radius of Bowling Green and are responsible for their own transportation to and from the site. We strongly recommend that students obtain additional travel and liability insurance prior to beginning the experience, either from their insurance agent or through BGSU (see the Student Teacher Handbook). BGSU also offers international and out-of-state student teaching/internship options for selected students.


Student teachers/interns are mentored and evaluated over the course of their student teaching/internship experience by a University Mentor and the Classroom Mentor Teacher. Students should keep copies of all evaluations because the University does not retain these reports as part of the student’s permanent record.

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