Fashion Merchandising and Product Development Minor

The minor in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development (FMPD) offers students a broad understanding of the textile and apparel industry from a product development perspective. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the global fashion industry specific to apparel fundamentals, merchandising strategies, or retailing.

Students learn how the textile and apparel industry function in a global environment, making the minor helpful for undergraduates who wish to work in an area related to the apparel industry. The minor is open to all non-FMPD majors across the university and may be particularly useful for those in art, business, interior design, theater, and event planning.

The minor consists of 21 credit hours; seven courses. Five courses are required. Students must also select two additional courses from a designated list that is responsive to their personal interest and choice.

Required Minor Courses: (15 total credits)

FMPD 1510: Apparel & Textile Industry
FMPD 2510: Fundamentals of Apparel
FMPD 2810: Textiles for Apparel
FMPD 3510: Fashion Forecasting
FMPD 4510: Global Sourcing and Trade in the Fashion Industry

Choose two of the following courses: (6 total credits)

FMPD 2020: Merchandising Math
FMPD 2400: Computers for Apparel
FMPD 3130: Technical Design
FMPD 3600: Omni-Channel Retailing
FMPD 4020: Merchandising Buying and Management

Fall 2022 course requirements

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