College Administration

College of Education and Human Development

444 Education Building, 419-372-7401

Office of the Dean (444 Education Building, 419-372-7401)
Dawn Shinew, Ph.D., Dean
Brian Campbell, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Associate Dean for Analytics, Operations and Research/Assoc.
Mary Murray, Ed.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs
Maureen Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Faculty Affairs

Office of Student and Academic Services (102 Education Building, 419-372-7372)
Matt Webb, Director

School of Family & Consumer Sciences
Deborah Wooldridge, Ph.D., Director
112 Eppler Center, 419-372-2505

School of Human Movement, Sport, & Leisure Studies
Ray Schneider, Ph.D., Director
117 Eppler Center, 419-372-7234

School of Counseling and Special Education
Trinka Messenheimer, Ed.D., Director
451 Education Building, 419-372-7259

School of Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy
Patrick Pauken, J.D., Ph.D., Director
550 Education Building, 419-372-2550

School of Teaching & Learning
Mark Seals, Ph.D., Director
529 Education Building, 419-372-7622

Department of Higher Education & Student Affairs
Christina Lunceford, Ph.D., Interim Department Chair
310J Education Building, 419-372-7383

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