Peace and Conflict Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

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The minor in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with the conceptual and practical tools to understand and resolve conflicts and to build peace in a globalized world. Students use methodologies from the social sciences and humanities to explore the causes and relationships that create conflict and peace.

The program consists of an introductory course (PACS 2000), two core classes, including a multidisciplinary capstone course (PACS 3000). In addition, all PACS minors complete a field experience course (PACS 4100) which exposes them to important themes and issues related to peace around the world. Each student takes 3 elective courses which may emphasize particular disciplines or skills that are useful for their future careers in government, nonprofits, international organizations, business, or for graduate or professional school. Courses for a minor may not be taken under the S/U grading option.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the minor, students in Peace and Conflict Studies are expected to:

  • Understand and apply key concepts of peace and conflict studies (such as peace, conflict, coercion, conflict resolution, ethics of war, nonviolent resistance), to evaluate and solve conflicts in the real world.
  • Be able to analyze contemporary conflicts in a multidisciplinary (environmental, historical, political, socio-cultural, psychological, and economic) context;
  • Possess research skills necessary to conduct a research project using qualitative or quantitative evidence to evaluate and contribute to the resolution of a problem, issue, or controversy in the area of peace and conflict studies;
  • Possess critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and communication skills necessary to conduct conflict resolution by peaceful means.

Minor only (21 hours) - Fall 2022 course requirements

Students are strongly encouraged to take one course from each of the following 3 areas: Determinants of Conflict; Conflict Management and Peace; Social Justice, Ethics, and Law.

Courses not included on the approved electives list may be substituted with the approval of the advisor. In addition, students may apply 3 credit hours of PACS 4000, PACS 4700, or PACS 4890 as elective credit toward the minor.

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