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The bachelor of arts degree requires courses and electives in musicianship and performance studies, and it includes three different tracks of additional electives from which students can choose. Students wishing to pursue a major or minor in music should contact the coordinator of music admissions in the College of Musical Arts. Students are required to pass an entrance audition for both the major and minor in music.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in music are expected to:

  • Demonstrate mastery over music theory—the construction of chords, harmony, and scale systems from all periods;
  • Aurally identify any interval or chord, scale structure, and style of music; capably sight-sing any music and play piano;
  • Competently perform on an instrument of choice (including voice) and effectively communicate on the literature for that instrument and for appropriate ensembles;
  • Critically evaluate the history and development of music over the last 1,000 years, recognize sociopolitical and artistic forces on music, and articulate the major figures and style characteristics of historic periods;
  • Comprehend the basics of non-Western music and/or jazz and apply critical thinking towards music and its contextualization.

Major, Bachelor of Arts (38 hours) - minor required - Fall 2022 course requirements

Minor or planned program in related area by advisement (18 - 30)
Suggested fields: business, computer science, film studies, communication, journalism, mass media, popular culture, telecommunications, recording technology, scientific and technical communication, theatre, art, or dance.

Minor (25 hours)

  • MUCT 1410, 1420, 1510*, 1520, 2510, 2610, 2620 (15)
  • MUSP applied study (3)
  • MUSP ensemble (3)
  • Music electives (4)
  • MUS 99, four semesters (0)
    * Note for MUCT 1510: If not placed into MUCT 1510, please see your advisor for the appropriate placement. 

Other programs
Programs in music are also offered by the College of Musical Arts.

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