College Administration

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences
374 Central Hall, 419-372-2015

Office of the Dean

Theodore F. Rippey, Ph.D., interim dean, 369C Central Hall, 419-372-2340
Emily Anzicek, Ph.D., acting associate dean, 371E Central Hall, 419-372-2017
Philip Dickinson, Ph.D., associate dean, 371B Central Hall, 419-372-2017
Dale Klopfer, Ph.D., associate dean, 369D Central Hall, 419-372-2018
Marcus Sherrell, associate dean, 371G Central Hall, 419-372-2015
Jasmine Schulz, executive assistant to the dean/development coordinator, 369B Central Hall, 419-372-9606
Travis Sheaffer, Technology Project Coordinator, 363 Central Hall, 419-372-4224
Sue Sweeney, Comunications and Events Strategist, 365 Central Hall, 419-372-9147


School of Art, Charlie Kanwischer, Ph.D., director, 1000 Fine Arts Center, 419-372-5529
School of Media and Communication
, Laura Stafford, Ph.D., director, 306 Kuhlin Center, 419-372-8349
School of Earth, Environment and Society
, Jeff Snyder, Ph.D., director, 190 Overman Hall, 419-372-3327

  • Environment and Sustainability, Enrique Gomezdelcampo, Ph.D., chair, 201 Memorial Hall, 419-372-8208
  • Geography, Arthur N. Samel, Ph.D., chair, 331 Hayes Hall, 419-372-2925
  • Geology, John Farver, Ph.D., chair, 190 Overman Hall, 419-372-7198

School of Cultural and Critical Studies, Angela Nelson, Ph.D., director, 228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796

  • American Culture Studies, Kim Coates, Ph.D., 101 East Hall, 419-372-8886
  • Ethnic Studies, Angela Nelson, Ph.D., 228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796
  • Popular Culture, Jeffrey Brown, Ph.D., 228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796

  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Sarah Rainey, Ph.D., 228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796
Department chairs

Biological Sciences, Juan Bouzat, Ph.D., 217 Life Sciences Building, 419-372-2332
Chemistry, John Cable, Ph.D., 141 Overman Hall, 419-372-2031
Computer Science, Jong Kwan "Jake" Lee, Ph.D., 221 Hayes Hall, 419-372-2337
English, Stepahanni Gearhart, Ph.D., 212 East Hall, 419-372-7543
History, Amilcar Challu, Ph.D., 128 Williams Hall, 419-372-2030
Mathematics and Statistics, Junfeng Shang, Ph.D., 450 Math Science Building, 419-372-2636
Philosophy, Michael Weber, Ph.D., 305 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2117
Physics/Astronomy, Andrew Layden, Ph.D., 104 Overman Hall, 419-372-2421
Psychology, Carolyn Tompsett, Ph.D., 206 Psychology Building, 419-372-2301
Sociology, Danielle Kuhl, Ph.D., 223 Williams Hall, 419-372-2294
Theatre and Film, Lesa Lockford, Ph.D., 212 Wolfe Center, 419-372-2222
World Languages and Cultures, Philip Peek, Ph.D., 203 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2667

Interdisciplinary program directors

Africana Studies, Rebeccah Skinner Green, Ph.D., 1010 Fine Arts Building, 419-372-3848
Arts Village, Joel O'Dorisio, E110 Kreischer Quadrangle, 419-372-4587
Asian Studies, Kristen Rudisill, Ph.D., 245 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-3848
Global Village, Kefa Otiso, Ph.D., 025 Kohl Hall, 419-372-9979
International Studies, Rachel Walsh, acting director, 404 East Hall, 419-372-2018

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