Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Technology

BGSU Firelands

The visual communication technology program prepares students in the processes used to transmit ideas and concepts through various forms of visual media. The program offers theory and practice in the computer applications of visual media, including multimedia, print, video, exhibitry, and photography. The program is designed to provide students the opportunity to combine concepts, theories, and principles with critical and creative technical problem-solving abilities to generate solutions to visual communication problems.

The program prepares students for such technological production and management positions as graphic coordinator, digital media specialist, video producer or editor, multimedia producer, print/video/photo sales representative, or printing/publishing plant manager. VCT majors are required to complete a sequence of cooperative education work experiences within the field of visual communications. Students apply concepts learned in the classroom to "real world" situations to gain a better understanding of a given field and prepare them for a competitive job market.

Matriculation into this program is restricted to those students who have met the requirements published by the College of Technology, which awards the degree.

Updated: 03/07/2023 11:34AM