Guest Students Under 16 Credit Hour Limit


Any person who has graduated from high school (or earned the GED equivalent) or any person who has attended another university may apply as a guest student. Such a student is not required to submit a high school transcript or ACT or SAT results. Guest students are not eligible for financial aid. Any coursework taken as a guest student will be applicable to a degree program once the student is formally admitted. A guest student is limited to taking 16 hours of credit without formal admission to the University. The 16-hour credit limit shall include all credit hours attempted by the student. If a student fails a class, those hours will be included in the 16-hour limit. Once the 16-hour credit limit has been reached, the student must apply for formal admission through the Office of Admissions. Permission to exceed the 16-hour credit limit must be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

A guest student is required to apply each semester to the Office of Registration and Records. Such a student will register on dates established by the Office of Registration and Records. A guest student may register for undergraduate courses only (4000-level courses or below).

Students who have been denied formal admission to the University cannot enroll as guest students without the permission of the Office of Admissions. Such a student must contact the Office of Admissions to receive permission to register as a guest student. A guest student's registration will be withdrawn if it is discovered subsequently that he or she has been denied formal admission and is enrolled without the permission of the Office of Admissions.

Guest degree holder
A student who has earned a four-year degree in higher education and who wishes to enroll in undergraduate courses without pursuing another degree may enroll as a guest degree holder. Guest degree holders may register for undergraduate courses only (4000-level courses or below). There is no limit to the number of credits a guest degree holder may earn at the University.

The only admission requirement for a guest degree holder is a completed undergraduate guest application, as well as, official confirmation from the appropriate institution of the highest degree received. Students not in continuous attendance must resubmit an undergraduate guest application in order to have access to the registration system. Information regarding registration for succeeding semesters may be found here.

Other Types of Guest Students:


Post secondary enrollment options
The post secondary enrollment options program provides qualified high school freshmen through seniors who attend public and chartered non-public Ohio high schools the opportunity to enrich their educational experience by enrolling in college-level coursework. The application and credential deadline for fall semester is April 15 and for the spring semester Nov. 15. For additional information contact the Office of Admissions.

International Guest
Non-U.S. citizens can apply as guest students only through the International Programs and Partnerships. Students currently enrolled in high school who wish to take courses at BGSU should contact the Office of Admissions.

BGSU students enrolled as guests (transient students) at another institution
Before enrolling at another institution, students are encouraged to verify with the Office of Registration and Records the equivalency of courses from another institution to BGSU courses and to consult with their college advisors concerning the applicability of the courses to their degree program. Grades earned at the other institutions do not become part of the student's record at BGSU but are included in the determination of all honors, and eligibility for some programs.


Applications to register as a guest student may be obtained on-line or an email can be generated to have an application sent by U.S. mail. Applications may be picked up in person at the Registration offices on main campus or the Firelands branch in Huron, OH.


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