The Writing Minor is timely and responsive to demands for undergraduate students to demonstrate an ability to write effectively and with confidence. The minor will offer students from across disciplines a robust, application-based opportunities to develop expertise in writing. Students majoring in Arts, Humanities, Science, Technology, and Health programs gain invaluable experience producing writing that has meaning to their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives.

Writing Minor Core (9 Hours)

  • ENG 2070 Intermediate Writing
  • ENG 3030 Writing in Context
  • ENG 4890 Internships in English Studies (3 hours only)

Writing Minor Electives (9 Hours)

  • ENG 3420 Literature of Young Children
  • ENG 3870 Literary Editing and Publishing
  • ENG 3880 Introductory Technical Writing
  • ENG 3890 Professional Editing
  • ENG 4810 Special Topics in Writing
  • ENG 4830 Advanced Writing Studio
  • ENG 4840 Foundations of Teaching Writing

Updated: 11/15/2021 12:42PM