Word and Image

Jointly offered by the Department of English and the School of Art, the Word and Image minor is an academic option for any student interested in exploring the intersection between writing and the visual arts through the making of graphic novels, comics, picture books, photo books, video games, and illustrations. Completion of the minor requires 21 credit hours of course work; a 9 hour core, 6 hours of electives in "Word" and 6 hours of electives in "Image" courses. Students conclude the minor by completing ENG 4960 Word and Image Studio, a capstone course emphasizing collaborative and/or individual work on projects that synthesize knowledge and skills developed in previous core and elective courses. The Word and Image minor is designed to be equally accessible to BA/BFA Art students, BA in English and BFA in Creative Writing students, and students from degree programs across the University.

Word and Image Minor Course Requirements (21 hour)

9 hours must be at 3000 or 4000 level; substitutions must be requested prior to enrollment and approved by an academic advisor.

Required Core - 3 courses (9 hrs.)

ART 1010 Introduction to Art (BGP)
ENG 2040 Imaginative Writing OR
ENG 3150 Graphic Novel Workshop ***
ENG 4960 Word and Image Studio (Capstone)   

Electives in "Word" - 2 courses (6 hrs.)

ENG 2050 Craft of Poetry OR
ENG 2060 Craft of Fiction
ENG 3150 Graphic Novel Workshop ***
ENG 3420 Literature for Young Children
ENG 3870 Literary Editing and Publishing

Electives in "Image" - 2 courses (6 hrs.)

ARTS 2110 Figure Drawing
ARTS 2310 Introduction to Printmaking
ARTS 2410 Introduction to the Language of Photography
ARTS 2210 Introduction to Painting
ARTS 3130 Contemporary Concepts in Drawing*
ARTS 3240 Contemporary Concepts in Painting**
ARTS 4000 Bookmaking

* Prerequisite: ARTS 2110 or permission of instructor
** Prerequisite of ARTS 2210 or permission of instructor
*** Cannot double count in the Required Core and the Electives in "Word"    

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