Portfolio Assessment Program

16 College Park, 419-372-8136

Fully admitted nontraditional students may be eligible to receive college credit for significant work/life experience through the Portfolio Assessment Program. The program is designed for adult students who believe they have gained college-level learning through significant volunteer experience, work-related training, and work experience. A portfolio process is used whereby students prepare descriptions of their previous learning and experiences which correspond to specific college coursework at BGSU. A student wishing to earn credit in a course must not have enrolled in the course previously. An assessment fee is charged for each course assessed. Credits earned through Portfolio Assessment are graded on an "S/U" basis. Portfolios are reviewed by a faculty member, who determines whether this learning experience is appropriate for earning college credit. A maximum of 30 credit hours may be earned toward a baccalaureate degree (15 credit hours toward an associate degree) through the Portfolio Assessment Program. Further information regarding portfolio submission procedures is available at the Nontraditional and Military Student Services office or at www.bgsu.edu/nontraditional-and-military-students/prior-learning-assessment.html.

Updated: 10/21/2020 11:41AM