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Department of Economics
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This specialization is intended to offer students an opportunity to design unique specializations that combine Economics with a related discipline. Students are required to take ECON 3020 and ECON 3030 (one of these can count toward the BSBA core), two more advanced Economics courses, and three courses from their chosen discipline with a cohesive theme. Selection of specialization courses must be approved by the advisor and are subject to the availability of the course offerings. Students are encouraged to discuss their individual interests with the advisor as early in their program as possible to select the appropriate specialization courses to complete their program in a reasonable time.

BSBA general degree requirements
Students completing the applied economics specialization must complete University, general degree, admission core, and business core requirements for the BSBA degree, including admission to the BSBA program.

Applied Economics specialization (21 hours) - Fall 2020 course requirements

  • ECON 3020 and 3030 (one may be counted in the business core)
  • Two 3000- or 4000-level ECON courses
  • Any three courses in another area approved by an advisor
  • All students with an economics specialization must satisfy a written and oral communication requirement in economics. Certification by an economics faculty member that the requirement has been met is required. Details are available in the department office.

Some possible options with recommended courses are presented below, but opportunities are not limited to these examples.

Public Policy

  • Two of ECON 4310, 4540, or 4620
  • Political Science 1100 and 3030, and one of POLS 3310, 3360, 4200, or 4230

Financial Economics

  • ECON 4020, 3110
  • FIN 3500, 4350, and one of FIN 3400 or 4450

Economic Forecasting

  • ECON 4020, and one of ECON 3110, 4140, or 4520
  • STAT 4020, 4080; GEOG 3120

Market Forecasting

  • ECON 3040, 4020
  • STAT 4020, GEOG 3120, and MKT 3020 or 3200

Global Studies

  • ECON 3510, 4540
  • POLS 4760, GEOG 2250, and one of LEGS 4060 or FIN 4100 or MKT 4550 or BA 4390

Politics and Political Economy

  • ECON 4730, 4310
  • Three of: POLS 4020, POLS 4030, POLS 4040, PHIL 3120, PHIL 2240

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