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Admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the School of Art is selective, and students opting to pursue this degree are required to pass a Portfolio Review at the end of their first year of study in the School of Art. This applies to incoming freshmen, internal transfer students, and external transfer students. Additional information pertaining to the BFA Portfolio Review can be found on the School of Art’s website:

The School of Art offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the areas of Studio, Art Education, Digital Arts, and Graphic Design.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in art—with specializations in Studio and Digital Arts—and in Art History. A portfolio review is not required for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students in all degree programs should consult with an art advisor for guidance in course selection and degree progress.

Special topics offerings

Periodically the school offers experimental courses in a variety of areas to enhance the established curricula of the various degree programs. These special topics courses and workshops (ARTS 3000, 3010, 4000, 4010; ARTC 4000; ARTD 4950; ARTE 4950; ARTH 4950), taught by both school faculty and invited artists and scholars, have included papermaking, illustration, textile printing, photo/print techniques, and mural painting. Individual study (ART 4700, ARTC 4700, ARTD 4700, ARTE 4700, ARTH 4700) is also available for students who have completed available course offerings in an area and have exhibited a marked degree of proficiency and independence in regular coursework. Internships and practicums (ART 4890, ARTC 4890, ARTD 4060, ARTD 4890, ARTS 4890) are also available to upper-level students who desire work experience in their chosen field.

Summer and academic year programs in Florence, Italy

Bowling Green State University and Studio Art Centers International (SACI) share an academic agreement which offers an excellent bicultural educational experience in studio art and liberal arts instruction in Florence, Italy. The program draws upon the rich past of Florence plus its resources in museums, architecture, arts specialists, and wide cultural offerings while concurrently presenting contemporary developments in Italian art and culture. Learning takes place in the classroom, in the studio, and on field trips in Florence and beyond. Students may elect to attend SACI for a semester, the academic year, or as a member of the BGSU summer study abroad program.

Students are encouraged to contact the SACI coordinator in the School of Art for further information.

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