Associate of Applied Business in Visual Media Technology

BGSU Firelands

The Visual Media Technology Program offers practical and theoretical instruction for students interested in the print and multimedia industries. As electronic media in business and industry continues to grow, so will employment opportunities within these fields. Creative talents are exercised through extensive hands-on computer laboratory experiences and supplemented with theoretical lectures. The Visual Media Technology program offers two majors in the degree program: Interactive Media and Print Media. After successful completion of the Associate of Applied Business in Visual Media Technology, students may continue their education at BGSU Firelands by pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Technology with a major in Visual Communication Technology. This degree is granted through the College of Technology.

Interactive Media major - Fall 2020 course requirements

The Interactive Media major allows students the opportunity to study a number of different types of media, including multimedia and web design, digital imaging, photography, and video editing. The Interactive Media major embraces traditional aspects of communication such as written and visual communication while at the same time providing instruction in the implementation of new media technologies. Career opportunities for graduates include job titles such as imaging specialist, multimedia/web designer, interactive digital designer/specialist, graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and project manager.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the program will possess the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills as they relate to solving visual problems;
  • Conceptualize and implement a visual solution in several media modes;
  • Demonstrate operational level skill ability in each of the visual media areas of VCT;
  • Research and produce an organized written rationale for using a specific medium to solve a specific visual problem;
  • Apply knowledge of industrial applications to visual communication related technologies;
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically assess how technology is affecting contemporary industrial practices and culture;
  • Demonstrate a specific media area of specialization. 

Print Media major - Fall 2020 course requirements

Print media is everywhere. Newspapers, directories, magazines, newspaper inserts, catalogs, and business forms are encountered every day in our professional and personal pursuits. The Print Media major provides an understanding of the processes used in the design, preparation, and printing of product. Graduates will be prepared for employment in pre-production processes such as page layout and graphic design. In addition, students will be employable as press operators and, with experience, may advance to front-line supervision. Graduates may also be employed in jobs related to the sale of printing equipment and supplies.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the program will possess the following knowledge and skills:

  • Proficiency in written, verbal, and non-verbal presentation and communication skills;
  • Proficiency in different print processes, including offset and screen printing;
  • Proficiency in the pre-production process, including page layout, desktop publishing, graphic design, and color management;
  • Proficiency in industry-standard page layout software tools;
  • Knowledge of team-building skills and demonstrated proficiency at teamwork within a business and industry environment.

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