Air Force ROTC

Department of Aerospace Studies
164 Memorial Hall, 419-372-2176

The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) program, offered by the Department of Aerospace Studies, provides college-level education to prepare interested men and women for commissioning as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. The program emphasizes leadership, managerial skills, and the development of each student's sense of personal integrity, honor, and individual responsibility.

The AFROTC program consists of a General Military Course (GMC) offered to freshmen and sophomores, and a Professional Officer Course (POC) offered to selected juniors and seniors. Admission to the GMC is open to most U.S. citizens over the age of 14 and the student must be enrolled in the University and registered for a minimum of 12 academic hours. Uniforms and textbooks are provided at no cost. If the student is selected for an AFROTC scholarship, they will receive a stipend (during the academic year) of $250.00 per month as a freshman, $300.00 per month as a sophomore. In addition, they will receive $450.00 per semester for books. Enrollment in the academic class only is open to all students wanting to learn more about leadership, the Air Force, and military service.

Admission to the POC is on a competitive basis for those students who successfully complete the GMC. Requirements for selection to the POC include successful completion of the Air Force Officer's Qualifying Test, completion of a four-week summer field training camp, and a medical examination. The student must be of high moral character and demonstrate outstanding leadership potential. The student spends five hours per week in AFROTC. While enrolled in the POC, students receive $350-400 per academic month (tax-free) and free AFROTC uniforms. Enrollment of international students is governed by Air Force regulations. However, any student may attend academic classes only as a special student (there is no stipend for special students) and receive elective credit for the course.

An accelerated three-year program is available to students who join their sophomore year. GMC classes are doubled up and the student must also meet physical requirements for selection. One and two-year programs are available for Law Students. These students attend an extended six-week summer field training encampment. Check with the department for details.

AFROTC leadership training activities (leadership laboratory) are a part of each course and offer opportunities for practical leadership training and experience in a supervised environment. Physical training is also conducted two to three times per week. Students enrolled in aerospace studies may use these courses as elective credits as prescribed by the individual colleges.

Certain selected students are eligible for two or three-year ROTC scholarships. Scholarships provide up to full college tuition, required fees, textbook allowance, and pay the recipient $250-400 per academic month (tax-free). See for more details.

Students who successfully complete the AFROTC program and graduate from the University are commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and are called to active duty. Commitment incurred is normally four years; however, students designated for pilot or navigator training will serve a longer time, based on current AF requirements.

Detachment 620 (Aerospace Studies) also offers a Minor in Aerospace Leadership for graduating students/cadets at BGSU. Additionally, any student on scholarship with AFROTC receives a room and board scholarship by the university. Check with the department for more details.

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