Bachelor of Science in Technology

College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering

Graduation Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Technology

Bachelor of science in technology programs are designed for the student interested in the application of arts and sciences to the technologies of business, industry, government, and other related areas. Career opportunities exist in a growing area of service. The University’s geographic location is such that excellent cooperation exists with companies and government agencies that require well-prepared individuals in technology.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Students in Architecture and Environmental Design earn a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. This is a well recognized four-year pre professional degree.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

The Construction Management curriculum and activities prepare you for leadership and management roles all facets of construction. Students are given a blend of course work and real life experience ranging from classroom work to cooperative education in the construction world. Many classes involve a laboratory setting where concepts learned in the classroom are applied in the real world. When you begin your first job, you will know that you belong.

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