BSBA Degree Overview

College of Business  

BSBA degree overview

The curriculum leading to the BSBA degree consists of University, BG Perspective, general degree, admission, business, and specialization requirements.

Completion of the BSBA program
A candidate for the bachelor of science in business administration degree must complete the general requirements for graduation listed under Academic Policies and must meet or exceed all of the following:

  • University, general BSBA degree, and electives requirements;
  • Admission to the BSBA program;
  • Business core requirements and specific requirements for an area of specialization;
  • Completion at BGSU of at least one-half of the specialization courses and BA 4500;
  • Completion with a letter grade of all courses that satisfy the mathematics requirement, admission courses, business core, and area of specialization.

Detailed information regarding the BSBA degree may be obtained in the following pages, from Undergraduate Student Development in the college office (253 Business Administration, 419-372-2747), and from faculty mentors in the departments and programs.

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