Latino/a Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

228 Shatzel Hall, 419-372-2796

Minor only (21 hours)
The Latino/a Studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program that critically examines the social, historical, and cultural experiences of people of Latin American descent living in the United States.

Through core and elective courses, the Latino/a Studies minor provides students with foundational knowledge and a broad overview of the experiences, histories, and cultures of the largest racial/ethnic minority group in the U.S. Students are also required to take one course focusing on Latin America. This will encourage students to broaden their knowledge of U.S. Latinos by exploring the transnational relationships between populations on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The program consists of 21 credit hours. Students are required to take ETHN 1100 and ETHN 2110. In addition, students take 4 courses that focus on U.S. Latinos and 1 course that focuses on Latin America. Minor courses may not be taken under the S/U grading option.

Required courses (6 hours)

  • ETHN 1100 (3)
  • ETHN 2110 (3)

Four courses focusing on U.S. Latinos. Choose from: (12 hours)

  • ETHN 3120 (3)
  • ETHN 4100 (3)
  • ETHN 4150* (3)
  • ETHN 4200 (3)
  • ETHN 4550 (3)
  • ETHN 4800*+ (3)
  • CCS 4890 (at least 3 credits)
  • FCS 4800* (3)
  • SPAN 4240 (3)
  • SPAN 4890*+ (3)

One course focusing on Latin America. Choose from: ( 3 hours)

  • ETHN 3100 (3)
  • HIST 3090 (3)
  • HIST 3100 (3)
  • HIST 3110 (3)
  • HIST 4110 (3)
  • HIST 4130 (3)
  • POLS 3550 (3)
  • SPAN 2700 (3)

* This course will count toward the Latino/a Studies minor during semesters in which at least half of course content focuses on Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.

+ This course may be repeated if offered under different Latino/a Studies topics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Courses that are used to satisfy requirements for a major cannot also be used to satisfy requirements for the Latino/a Studies minor.

Courses are periodically added to the minor. Please consult the Latino/a Studies advisor for an updated list. Courses other than those specified above may be chosen with the approval of the Latino/a Studies minor advisor. For more information, please call 419-372-2796.