College Administration

BGSU Firelands

419-433-5560 or 800-322-4787

College Administration

Office of the Dean
Andrew Kurtz, Ph.D., dean, 122 Foundation Hall, 419-372-0623
Kate Dailey, Ph.D., associate dean for academic and student affairs, 112 Foundation Hall, 419-372-0623
Mark R. Charville, M.B.A., director of budget and operations, 136 Foundation Hall, 419-372-0638
PJ Mays, M.A. assistant dean for institutional research, 106 Foundation Hall, 419-372-0623
Kelly Cusack, B.A., Director Public Relations and Business Engagement
Stacey Hartley, B.A., Senior Director of Development

Applied Sciences, Elsy Kizhakethalackal, Ph.D., chair, 316F George Mylander Hall, 419-372-0608
Humanities, Jolene Buehrer, Ph.D., chair, 300E George Mylander Hall, 419-372-0663
Natural and Social Sciences, Christine Genovese, Ph.D., chair, 300A George Mylander Hall, 419-372-0674

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