Credit by Examination

An undergraduate student currently registered for at least two semester hours may gain credit by examination with the approval of the student's dean and the department involved. The minimum registration level must be maintained for the entire semester. The student wishing credit in a course must not have enrolled in the course previously and must present sufficient evidence of prior study or experience. The course cannot be a prerequisite for any course the student has completed. Once approved, the examination must be completed within four weeks of the approval. This option may not be repeated. An $80 fee is assessed for a credit-by-exam course. Credits by Examination are graded on an "S/U" basis. Further information on procedures is available at the student's college office.

Credit may be earned by attainment of appropriate score levels on selected subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). A student may also receive credit for coursework taken at another institution, in which the final grades were equivalent to "C" or better but which did not transfer because of BGSU policies, by taking a validation examination.

A student in the School of Nursing may validate previous nursing knowledge through transfer credit, testing, certification, or portfolio.

Updated: 10/18/2019 03:35PM