Caryl Crane Children's Theatre Program

BGSU Firelands

The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre Program exists as a community-campus venture bringing quality theatre productions and workshops to the tri-county area and beyond. Any area youth age 8 and up is eligible to participate in productions of children's musicals, children's classics, and original works performed for audiences. BGSU Firelands students can also participate, either for academic credit or as non-credit volunteers.

The goals are to recognize the existence of alternative programs of instruction in the arts which can be found in our geographic area and to avoid replicating such instruction; to be centered on the music, dance, and human experiences that are reflected in literature for, about, or involving youth; to encourage more participation in youth in our geographic area; to teach young people the wonder of the art of theatre; to perform high-quality children's plays for the public; and to promote a love for the theatre as an

Workshops for young people of all ages are offered fall, winter, and spring covering a variety of theatre topics. An active Teen Board provides educational outreach and leadership training to area teens and the nationally recognized Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival services to showcase unproduced plays for children and youth. Caryl Crane Youth Theatre offers over 20 performance opportunities each year.

Updated: 10/12/2018 02:05PM