Associate of Arts

BGSU Firelands

At BGSU Firelands, students can complete at least two years of study towards a bachelor's degree in the following areas: business administration, communications, communications disorders, criminal justice, education, fine arts, gerontology, humanities (English, modern languages, philosophy, theatre), liberal studies, social sciences (economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology), and social work.

In addition, the associate of arts degree offers the foundation to many pre-professional opportunities such as law and theology.

General Requirements
  • Communication (1 course minimum)—Each student is required to acquire proficiency in written expression. GSW 1120 is required. Based on English placement tests, GSW 1100 or 1110 may also be required. However, no more than six hours of basic writing can be applied to graduation. The Office of Student Services will provide placement information before the first semester. Each student should also acquire proficiency in oral communication; a COMM or other oral communication course is strongly recommended.
  • Mathematics and science (3 courses minimum)—Two courses must be selected from the BG Perspective natural science domain. One course must be a Quantitative Literacy (QL) course. One lab science course is recommended.
  • Social sciences (2 courses minimum)—Two courses must be selected from the BG Perspective social and behavioral science domain.
  • Humanities and arts (2 courses minimum)—Two courses must be selected from the BG Perspective humanities and arts domain.

Fall 2018 course requirements

A student who plans to pursue a bachelor's degree at Bowling Green State University should choose one course with an international perspective and one course that satisfies the BG Perspective cultural diversity in the US domain. International Perspectives courses can be taken from the social and behavioral sciences, the humanities, or some study abroad courses of at least three credit hours. The College of Arts and Sciences has developed a list of cultural diversity courses that can be used to satisfy the humanities and arts or social sciences requirements of the associate degree.

The Associate of Arts degree requires 36 hours of Bowling Green Perspectives coursework. Each student must select a sufficient number of approved electives to earn a minimum of 62 hours. A student planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences should take a foreign language.

Students may not earn both the associate of science and the associate of arts degrees without taking a substantially different set of courses.

Updated: 10/12/2018 02:05PM