Nontraditional Student Services

419-372-8136 or Toll-free 1-877-650-8165

Nontraditional Student Services (NTSS) provides comprehensive assistance to: (a) nontraditional students who are just beginning their college experience, having graduated from high school some time earlier; (b) nontraditional students who may be returning to college after some time off; and (c) students of any age who because of work, family, or other considerations must take all or many of their college courses during evening hours or online. NTSS provides preadmission advising, career and academic counseling, assistance in schedule planning, competitive scholarships for adult students pursuing their first undergraduate degree, special evening registration and orientation programs, and a portfolio assessment program. The NTSS staff serve as valuable resources for adult and evening students as they plan and complete their programs.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:35PM